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Joshwin walks every extra mile
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 14/12/2022

Joshwin Dreyer's role is that of a business information officer, and his primary duties include financial processing, reporting, and assisting with financial queries originating from Planon.

We at Facilities Management honour Josh for his initiative to get involved with technical support issues resulting from Planon. After formal training, he now acts as backup SysAdmin to resolve Planon queries. He gives Planon training and assists online or personally with other technical computer issues. Closing work orders and purchase orders are very time-consuming and are supposed to be handled regularly by the technical team. Due to a backlog build-up and the aim to clean up the financial system of commitments before OCF go-live and to free up funds, Josh volunteered to close these after hours when the system is more relaxed. 

Considering that he is also busy with his Honours in Financial Management part-time through Unisa, it is a significant sacrifice of his personal time, for which we are most grateful.        

Joshwin is always positive and willing to assist with anything. Due to his extensive knowledge of Planon and insight into the current financial integrations, Josh is assisting and playing an integral part in the OCF Integrations Testing and being part of the OCF User Acceptance Testing Team. As an all-rounder, Josh also contributes towards social events as a member of the organising committees such as the FM Braai Day, FM Mandela Day project, and FM's yearend function.