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Outeur: SPL Marketing Reporter
Gepubliseer: 05/07/2023

From 19 to 23rd June 2023 the School of Public Leadership (SPL) hosted an enriching and insightful contact week for the Honours in Public Administration students at the Bellville Park campus. This event brought together students from different provinces, SPL lecturers and various guest lecturers to explore and discuss contemporary issues, share knowledge, and foster connections.

The contact week session provided an opportunity for students to delve into the intricacies of public administration and to better understand their role as practitioners and change agents to improve public policy and programme implementation. During the contact week sessions, students had the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, case studies, and group activities allowing for dynamic and immersive learning experiences.

The honours program offers the following modules:

  • Public Policy, Leadership and Change Management, Financial Management and Cost Accounting, Sustainable Development, People Management, Information and Communication Technology, Political Governance, Local Governance, Organizational Design, Economic Governance, Project Management and Research.

These modules equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in public administration and management.

“I enjoyed the contact week sessions, they were very informative.," said Claire Van der Poll a 38-year-old female from Cape Town.

She said the contact week sessions were valuable and a great experience to learn from knowledgeable and informed professors. Furthermore, the Honours in Public Administration program has provided her with additional insight and knowledge that is applicable to her immediate work context. The programme is relatable and provides definite benefit to employees in the public sector said Van de Poll.

The Honours programme of the SPL is specifically designed for the learn-and-earn market. Students attend a two-week contact week in either Bellville or Tshwane in February, followed by another week June. This is supplemented by synchronous TEAMS based sessions and asynchronous learning opportunities on the Sunlearn learning platform. The programme covers a wide range of modules presented by highly knowledgeable professors and guest lecturers to equip students with theoretical and practical skills needed for advancement to middle and senior management in the public sector.