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Are we in October already?
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 21/03/2023

By Nicolette van den Eijkel​

Is it October already, or are we still in March? The year has been very busy, and the summer holidays seem distant memories. SUFM has been busy with many activities, particularly during the student welcoming with Environmental Sustainability and Campus Security. Of course, property services have had to ensure that everyone had the backup generators they needed. The Business Management department finished their year-end activities and ensured we had the proper budgets allocated in the right cost centres for our “business" to run smoothly. Facilities Services have been busy settling in many new staff members and are in constant liaison between our clients and the Property Services team to keep up with load-shedding stages. 

Also, we are so proud that the biggest project in the higher education sector in South Africa to date, the BMRI project, reached practical completion in February. The teams behind that deserve great compliments.  

We hope we get through 2023 despite the stress that the energy crises could bring. While considering our shortcomings, we will find ways to learn and improve. This year we will also reflect and enjoy the many successes we achieve daily and be grateful for working for a great institution such as Stellenbosch University.