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Rouvé exceeds all expectations
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 14/12/2022

The nature of Rouvé Hlozek's role as space manager is very diverse and challenging. It includes the handling of spatial matters and general property matters, and the coordination of functions within DPD and FM to achieve best practices. Daily responsibilities and requests cover a broad spectrum and liaison is with various environments internally and externally. Our clients can be demanding, and any spatial matter is always sensitive; there are many emotions so it requires that you sometimes have to be "thick-skinned" and be emotionally intelligent.

Rouvé is excellent at negotiating her way through these difficult situations. The way she handles various functions is professional and effective. She's not afraid to make decisions, manages her responsibilities effectively and professionally, and goes above and beyond what is expected. She takes her own initiative, makes regular suggestions to be more effective, and is innovative with solutions regarding space requests. She exceeds our expectations in all respects and is an asset to the University.