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SU Earth Scientist in the Eastern Gobi, Mongolia
Outeur: Dr Ryan Tucker
Gepubliseer: 05/09/2022

Department sedimentologist Dr Ryan T Tucker is off on another adventure. Dr Tucker will take part in a multidisciplinary internationally collaborative expedition to remote portions of the Eastern Gobi, Mongolia.  Dr Tucker and key collaborator from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science,  Dr Lindsay Zanno, are teaming up with researchers from Japan and Mongolia to critically assess climate change during one of earth's warmest periods, the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum.  This time frame in the eastern Gobi is poorly known and Dr Tucker and team aims to fill this knowledge gap by exploring remote areas of the eastern Gobi to not only contextualize climate change during the middle Cretaceous but also seek out new fossil assemblages entombed therein.


Keep track of this site and Twitter feeds @gravelmonkey_76 and  @ExpeditionLive for real-time updates from Dr Tucker and what happened during this high-risk, high-reward scientific endeavor!



- Tarbosaurus, relative of the famed Tyrannosaurus rex

​- Fossil site to be explored by team with previous years working uncovering new fossil material