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Five years in the making
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 23/06/2022


Facilities Management's property services team recently celebrated the launch of Stellenbosch University's first comprehensive design criteria documents (DCD). It took Nadeem Gafieldien, Director Property Services, colleagues Robert Todkill and Aloma Fourie and the rest of the team five years to develop the DCD, which provides detailed criteria, principles and rationale for all installations on campus.

"The DCD will ensure the collaborative and uniformed design and implementation for the standardisation across all business units, ensure compliance to legislation and standard practice and assist our teams with the maintainability of all installed equipment," says Gafieldien.

For the launch of the DCD, Facilities Management invited suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders for live demonstrations of how they will implement the DCD on campus. There are a complete set of DCD documents for mechanical, electrical, gas, utilities, civil, fire alarms and gardens and grounds.

The photos above captured some of the demonstrations done by team members. Some lucky guests also walked away with great prizes.

The team also created a fantastic video to showcase how the DCD processes work. Unfortunately, the video was too big to upload, but we will showcase a shorter version in the following newsletter. Well done to the team of Property Services and to Robert and Aloma, our hosts who made sure the day ran smoothly.​