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SPiL 45
Nuutste uitgawe van Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics
Outeur: Kate Huddlestone
Gepubliseer: 10/08/2016

Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics het onlangs sy nuutse uitgawe gepubliseer by http://spil.journals.ac.za/pub/index. Ons nooi u graag om die Inhoudsopgawe hieronder te bekyk en dan ons webblad te besoek om die artikels te lees.

Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics

Vol 45 (2016)



From vectors to waves and streams: An alternative approach to semantic maps

Alexander Andrason

Using frames to determine ordinary meaning in court cases: the case of "plant" and "vermin"

Terrence R Carney

Some Syntactic Features of Relative Constructions in the Greek New Testament

Herman C du Toit

On the structure and variation of 'hace' as a temporal expression

Antonio Fábregas

Impact measurement: towards creating a flexible evaluation design for academic literacy interventions

Ilse Fouche, Tobie van Dyk, Gustav Butler

Frequency effects and structural change - the Afrikaans preterite

Johanita Kirsten

First-year university students' receptive and productive use of academic vocabulary

Déogratias Nizonkiza

Levelling-out and register variation in the translations of experienced and inexperienced translators: a corpus-based study

Karien Redelinghuys