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We can achieve incredible successes
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 04/03/2024

Nicolette van den Eijkel, Chief Director Facilities Management (SUFM) writes 


It’s great to see the campus buzzing with the excitement of new students. Spending time with them at the Societies Fair was very inspiring. We used the opportunity to showcase what we do at SUFM to our new students and to talk to them about environmental sustainability and safety. Many students were impressed, and some were keen to come and do job shadowing in the division. The usual welcoming week of security and safety talks has gone down well, with the self-defense demonstrations a big hit 😉  


2023 taught us that we can achieve incredible successes, such as building the BMRI at Tygerberg – a building that will undoubtedly positively affect the world. 2023 also taught us that we have a great team at SUFM that keeps the campuses operating well regardless of storms, excessive heat, crime, load shedding, or any other issues that affect us so that our students and staff can learn and teach.   


In 2024 we will build on what we do well but focus on operational efficiencies. Information that we start to get out of our systems will enable us to see where we can work smarter and more effectively across the the Operations and Finance Responsibility Centre.