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SU Campus Security hosting seminar
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 01/11/2023

In August this year, Stellenbosch University Campus Security hosted a Western Cape Campus Protection Society Southern Africa (CAMPROSA) seminar, at Hazendal Estate with delegates attending from the Universities of Cape Town, the Western Cape, and Peninsula, as well as associate members such as Pro Events, Byers Security, Instacom, TransTel Africa and Securitas. 


Discussing Gender-Based Violence, Dr. Jill Ryan and Ms Qaqamba Mdaka from our SU Equality Unit, talked about GBV on university premises, at residences, and off-campus  


Mike Weaver from Centr. flew in from Johannesburg and presented "The Future of CCTV monitoring” and how to make your normal CCTV camera a "smart" camera.  


SU are members of the Stellenbosch Town Law Enforcement group, and the WC Liquor Authority has recently become a partner in the group. They were invited to do a presentation about "Alcohol Harms amongst students.  


As vehicle theft is on the increase in Stellenbosch, Tracker was asked to present how vehicles, ranging from old to the latest models, are stolen. The information was a real eye-opener for all.