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Seminaar: Departement Logistiek
Begin: 09/11/2018, 13:00
Einde: 09/11/2018, 14:00
Kontak:Linke Potgieter -
Plek: Van der Sterr 3022

Presenter: Siphamandla Gumbi (Senior manager: Road safety at Road Accident Fund)

Title of talk: Increasing road crashes as a consequence of poor management of road safety in SA

Abstract: One of the most pressing issues facing modern society today, both globally and particularly within the South African context, is lack of road safety. According to the World Health Organization (2015), there are 1.4 million deaths resulting from road traffic crashes worldwide and by 2030, road traffic crashes are expected to become the fifth leading cause of fatalities. With 11676 fatal crashes per annum, resulting in 14071 deaths and 59542 serious and permanent injuries (RTMC 2015), it may be concluded that South Africa has a road safety problem; this figure has been on the increase since 1994. The Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research Cost of Crashes in South Africa Report (2015) estimated the economic and financial impact of deaths and injuries to be R143 billion or 3.4% of GDP. The National Road Safety Strategy, 2016-2030 (NRSS) has been approved by Cabinet, with a set target to reduce fatal crashes by 50%, from the 2010 baseline of 13,967 fatalities to 6,984 fatalities by 2030, in keeping with the National Development Plan (NDP 2030). The presentation will try to demonstrate the contribution of poor management of road safety to the poor record of road crashes in SA.