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Full steam ahead
Outeur: Petro Mostert
Gepubliseer: 21/03/2023

By Denisha Jairam-Owthar

I'm thrilled and excited to see Information Technology Division's team 'full steam ahead' at the start of 2023. IT's digital strategy has been approved, giving us the roadmap to follow on our digital journey at Stellenbosch University. We have much work to do, and there are many critical deliverables. 

This year we will see SUNFin going live in July, Cybersecurity becoming a priority and its response plan to be implemented, and IT reviewing various systems to carve out flight plans for improving those technologies. We will re-align our roles to deliver and stabilise “mission-critical" projects, conduct system reviews, start new projects, embrace the cloud in significant ways, roll out the usage of Jira by more people, and renew our network.

With lots of IT engagements planned for the year ahead, 'all hands-on deck' is our current ethos to realise the benefits of what we have been working on for some time. In the spirit of creating a thriving Institution whereby digitisation is a prioritised game-changer, it puts IT at the forefront. Let's go forth with passion, doing all things and tasks with excellence while working together as one of SU's best teams.​