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Internasionalisering en inklusiewe module ontwerp praktyke
Begin: 27/10/2022, 12:00
Einde: 27/10/2022, 15:00
Kontak:Anika Berning - 0218089211
Plek: Online / Aanlyn

During this session, you will interactively explore ways to internationalise the design of the course you are teaching by sharing ideas of intended learning, pedagogical approaches and assessment practices at SU & UG. 

The aim of this session is to introduce you (teachers/lecturers/course designers) to principles that you can incorporate in your already established modules/ courses to support your current practices. For more information on the module content, please watch this short video and visit EQUiiP website

The next two sessions will be on Intercultural Group Dynamics and The Role of Language.

Learning Outcomes
After participating in the session, you will be able to:

● explore the relevance of internationalised and inclusive learning (outcomes) for students and their employability.

● recognize student perspectives on inclusive and intercultural learning.

● create awareness of student skills development over a longer range of time in the wider curriculum perspective.

● share ideas and practices on intended international/ intercultural learning

● apply general teaching principles as a framework for discussing the prerequisites for successful teaching and learning in the international classroom.