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Call for Applications to Become a Member of the School of Public Leadership (SPL) Advisory Board.

​​The School of Public Leadership (SPL) is pleased to invite interested individuals to become a member of the SPL Advisory Board. 

The role of the advisory board will be to assist the SPL in gaining new insights and advice on enhancing operational activities associated with the department and to explore new opportunities by stimulating robust, high-quality conversations. The advisory board will not make decisions, but rather provides current knowledge, and critical analytical thinking to increase the confidence of the decision-makers at the department. 

The SPL is a leader in learning for sustainable African and global futures. The SPL as a department within the faculty Economic and Management Sciences, is unique in the South African context with its combination of Public Governance, the Environment and Sustainability as strategic foci. These three foci also provide the rationale of the three postgraduate programmes in Public Policy and Management, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. SPL's business, vision, and mission with “Learning for sustainable African futures" as slogan can best be understood and summarised as serving public value in an African context. 

Number of Members required: 7 Members Requirements

  • Persons from both public and/or private sector. 
  • Leaders Locally/Internationally with integrity and a proven track record of Good Governance
  • Persons can be a former student / Retired Academic at the SPL

Roles and Responsibility of Advisory Board

  • Make recommendations to help ensure that the School addresses the employment and educational needs of academia and support staff 
  • Share developments in the public sector and internationally and realistically assist in assessing the labour market demand for program graduates.
  • Advise to ensure students graduate with the skills employers need
  • Identify and present opportunities for growth and boost of reputation.
  • Assist with placement of program graduates.
  • Assess the relevance of current curriculum and teaching practices.
  • Serve as an advocate of the department and a communication link between the School and the community
  • Provide feedback, advice, and/or assistance with a variety of programdriven tasks and/or projects
  • Assist with program marketing and promotion.
  • Assist in the identification and recruitment of new board members when a vacancy arises
  • Assist in identification and acquisition (when appropriate) of external funding and resources to support the students and program (scholarships, program materials, and other resources).
  • Provide recommendations on topic presenters for advisory board meetings.


  • Advise on the overall strategic objectives and activities for the school. 
  • Discuss and resolve matters of policy that relate to the School. 
  • Review and comment on annual progress reports. 
  • Make recommendations concerning the progress of the School in relation to expectations of public sector/industry/clients, funders and the University. 
  • Monitor, evaluate and comment on the performance of the School. 
  • Assist in the promotion of and lobbying for support for the School, to facilitate achieving its objectives. 

Interested individuals are to complete the application form via the link provided below: 

  • https://forms.office.com/r/u0B3kYwZeK

Closing date for Applications: 

Date: 4 April 2022 | Time: 17:00