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Applications Open: Leadership Summit for Aspiring Leaders

The Centre for Student Leadership and Structures presents the Leadership Summit for Aspiring Leaders (LSAL). A summit that will enable students to reflect on their perception of leadership roles, how they are constructed within the Higher Education space, and how that influences leadership at Stellenbosch University. The key question that will be explored is "How can students, on a personal level, contribute to changing the way leadership perceptions are shaped, and experienced, to be conducive to developing leaders for the 21st century?" As a result, the summit aims to expand the leadership pipeline through more supportive pathways for students to access institutional support so that they can be effectively prepared for leadership roles.

The Summit consists of the following phases:

1. Pre-Summit programme (7 - 11 September 2020): where a few activities are planned in preparation of the Summit day.
2. Summit programme (12 September 2020): The actual Summit day where key engagement on leadership and the construction of leadership will take place; and
3. Post-Summit programme (28 September - 2 October 2020): where students will be afforded an opportunity to reflect on the material of both the pre- Summit and Summit programme.

Apply for this free of charge opportunity by 28 August 2020. Spaces are limited!

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