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US AvOL-konferensie Hoofpaneellid - Prof Richard Stevens
Begin: 22/10/2022, 08:00
Einde: 24/10/2022, 17:00
Kontak:Anthea Jacobs -
Plek: Hybrid

The 2022 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Conference for academics at SU is fast approaching. This year's conference theme is 'Re-imagining assessment culture and practices for a transformative student experience'. It will be a hybrid event – the pre-conference workshops will be presented face-to-face at the Devon Valley Protea Hotel just outside Stellenbosch, while the rest of the conference proceedings will happen online on MS Teams. The keynote speaker on the morning of Wednesday the 24th of October is Professor Paul Ashwin from Lancaster University. His keynote address will focus on “The role of assessment in a transformative university education". 

In addition to the keynote speaker, an exciting keynote panel is lined up for the morning of Tuesday the 25th of October. The keynote panellists are Professor Lan Yang (University of Hong Kong); Professor Francois Cilliers (University of Cape Town); and Professor Richard Stevens (Stellenbosch University). Last week and the week before we showcased Professor Francois Cilliers and Professor Lan Yang respectively. This week it is the turn of Professor Richard Stevens (picture above).

Prof Richard Stevens is an Associate Professor in Mercantile Law and the Vice Dean of the Faculty. Prof Stevens has been involved at the faculty, initially lecturing Insolvency Law, from 1999 and then Company Law since 2004. He has presented in the area of Company Law at international conferences in Scotland, the Netherlands and Australia. His focus has been on liability within company groups and has published predominantly in this area of Company Law. Professor Stevens's keynote address will focus on “Reflecting on the assessment component of the SU Faculty of Law LLB Programme Renewal". Click here to read more. 

For more information about the SU SoTL Conference, please visit the SU SoTL Conference website or contact Anthea Jacobs at jacobsa@sun.ac.za