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Masabelane ngesiXhosa: Let us share in isiXhosa (Beginners’ course for staff members)
Begin: 04/08/2021, 10:00
Einde: 08/09/2021, 10:00
Kontak:Nwabisa Madikane - 0218082905
Plek: Online

How will this course benefit me?

You will not only learn a new language but will also be empowered with multilingual and multicultural skills. You may also find that you are better able to connect with students and colleagues in basic isiXhosa conversations. You will also be able to start appreciating isiXhosa as a regional language and its position as an official language in South Africa.

How to register? 

To apply please click on this link. Thhttps://shortcourses.sun.ac.za/application-form.html?offer​ingid=3e7329ad-6c4e-eb11-a5db-0050568000ff is will take you to the isiXhosa short course!

Course fee: R2500​