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HREC Forms & Instructions

 New protocol applications

» HREC Exemption application - guidance for researche​r​s
» HREC New protocol application - guidance for researchers​​​​
» HREC Biobank/Dat​abase application - guidance for researchers​
» HREC Case Report/Case Series application - guidance for researchers

..HREC Case ​​Report/Case Series for CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS - guidance for researchers​​

​» ​HREC New Reciprocal review applicatio​n - guidance for researchers​

» HREC Guidance: Student projects lin​ked to a larger study
​» Insurance for Research

» HREC guidance on Clinic​al Trial (CT) registration and SAHPRA approval​

» Online applications - sugge​sted study methodology options​​​

>> Committee for Post​graduate Research/Ethics Flow Diagram: Does my MSc or PhD student need a seperate HREC approval?

Active protocols

Continuing review (annual progress reports/final reports)

» Annual progress report: health research/clinical trials/database (registry​/repository​​)​ - guidance for researchers​

HREC Consultation Request

» HREC Consultation Request Form

Informed consent and assent forms

  • Participant information leaflet and consent template - General

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» English   

» Xh​​​osa

» Afrikaans

» English   

» Xhosa

>> Afrikaans

>> English

>> Xhosa​​

Investigator/Supervisor D​​eclaration

» Investigator / Supervisor Declaration​​ (Pdf format)

​​» Investigator / Supervisor Declaration​​ (MS Word format)

Material/Da​ta Transfer Agreement (MTA/DTA) Term Sheet

Material Transfer Agreeement for Human Biological Material and Associated Data (Material). This sample agreement for the transfer of data and specimens has been provided by the National Department of Health and the National Health Research Ethics Council: 

 »​ Material transfer agreement South Africa 1.1 December 2020

​HREC MTA/DTA requirements, processes and termsheet: ​​

»​ HREC Termsheet: Material/Data Transfer Agreement​​​

Head of Division/Department Signature Page

»​ Head of Division/Department Signature Page​​​​​​

HREC fees and payment instruction forms

>> Kindly follow the link to our HREC fees page​