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On Friday 9th April the sign-on/log-in system for Infonetica portals was changed. Some users have, since then, been affected by a system glitch.

There are some users who previously had a preferred e-mail address such as Gmail/Hotmail/or some other third-party email address that is not an @sun.ac.za email address. For these users, what we have found since the sign-in change, is that upon logging in with their @sun.ac.za username, a second (new) profile is being created on the system. This means that some users are not seeing their existing projects/applications under this new profile. This is because the document(s)/project(s) is/are still linked to their @gmail/@hotmail/etc profile on Infonetica.

What we have had to do (thus far) is manually transfer the project(s) from one profile to the other. We are currently looking into being able to automate said transfer process. Please bear with us as we address the matter.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Rest assured that your work is not lost; it just needs to be relocated.

Should you have any queries in this regard, or if you have trouble accessing your records, please contact Jennifer de Beer at jad@sun.ac.za

Kindly include the following information with your enquiry to enable efficient response: your name and surname, SU username, SU e-mail address, and a screenshot of the error message being received.

Electronic Application Process


The Stellenbosch University Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC) uses  an electronic ethics review management system - Infonetica© - to support the application and review process.

» To submit an HREC application, click here: HREC APPLICATION

» ​To submit a response to modifications required by the HREC, click here: Response to Modifications​

» We recommend first time applicants consult the Infonetica©​ Applicant Manual


  1. The submission deadline for HREC submissions for the agenda of the HREC meeting are strictly at 12h00 on the day of the submission deadline. 

  2. Meeting the submission deadline does not guarantee your submission will be incorporated into a specific HREC meeting agenda or review cycle. Some submissions may roll over to the next available HREC meeting.​

  3. ​The HREC cannot grant retrospective approval in cases where data collection has commenced or is completed. Please ensure that you submit an application for ethics review well in advance.


  1. Verify your Sun ID account with your home Division or Department: Only SUNId-registered applicants can access Infonetica© via the Stellenbosch University login screen with a Stellenbosch University username and password. If you are a Stellenbosch University student or staff member but are not yet SUNId registered, please request a SUNId registration from your home Division or Department. If you are an external applicant/supervisor, please request a SUNId registration from the Stellenbosch University Division or Department to which you are affiliated. For guidance on SUNId registration, click here: SUNId Guidance

  2. ​Login to Infonetica©​: type in your Stellenbsosch University username followed by @sun.ac.za (e.g. username@sun.ac.za) and password. For username and password guidance, click here: Username Guidance and Password Guidance

  3. Clear your browser history: After multiple logins into the system you may receive an error message/or similar as displayed below and unable to login to Infonetica again. For guidance on how to clear your borwser history, click here: Guidance for clearing your browser history 
  4. Browser history erro.JPG

  5. Check your Stellenbosch University official/primary registered student or staff e-mail account for correspondence from HREC: ​All HREC correspondence via Infonetica© is automatically delivered to the e-mail address registered on SUNId. If you have a preferred alternate email address this should be updated with Human Resources (HR) or Student Affairs. Infonetica© interfaces directly with, and draws all applicant contact information from, Stellenbosch University Human Resource and Student Affairs Databases.

  6. Check your junk e-mail folder: Applicants awaiting the outcome of an ethics application should check their junk e-mail folder. Infonetica© system-generated e-mails sometimes land in recipients' junk e-mail folders due to firewall settings or spam filters. Follow these steps to ensure that the sender (@infonetica.net) is on your safe senders list:  1) Go to your junk e-mail folder; 2) Right click on the ethics correspondence e-mail; 3) Go to Junk; 4) Select 'Never block this sender's domain'. 

  7. Revise and resubmit your HREC application for completeness: If you receive a notification from an HREC administrator to revise your ethics application for completeness, login to Infonetica© and access your project listed under "Projects" on your work area. If you are a student, please note that your supervisor’s signature must be requested again before the revised submission enters the review process.


Please see HREC Forms and Instructions​ for detailed guidance on preparing documentation for HREC applications.


Enquiries about the HREC application and review process: contact the HREC administrators, Ms Elvira Rohland or Mrs Ashleen Fortuin​
Experiencing technical difficulties with the system: contact the Functional Systems Custodian Ms Jennifer de Beer​


**Please bookmark this page for future notices and information about the system and the application process.​​​