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​*Important Announcement*

Dear Researchers 

Kindly be informed that in line with the national lockdown as enacted by the President, HREC has deemed it necessary to place an embargo on research that requires face to face interaction with participants, and such research may not start or restart before a date to be formally announced on the HREC  website. 

Please note that the HREC position statement and the amended position statement (available below) provide a distinction regarding the types of research activities that can well continue during this time of the national lockdown.  There may be other studies that can however continue where the necessary amendments have been approved by HREC and do not place research participants at risk. We urge the research community to act responsibly in the national interest to prevent further risk of the spread of COVID-19 infections and to engage with the Health Research Ethics Office or the Chairs of the respective HRECs for further clarity where this is needed.​

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