Business Management
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General Financial Management


Business Management has the responsibility to create an operational and financial sustainable faculty through innovative, future focused supporting mechanisms which includes:
  • Providing timely and accurate information to key stakeholders while protecting university assets, both real and intangible, and ensuring compliance with University policies and procedures;
  • serving as an indispensable partner on topics requiring economic, financial and fiduciary inputs and expertise;
  • Advising on core faculty policies & procedures
The General Financial Management includes the following staff members:

Stefan Engelbrecht​​​

Deputy Director: Business Management

Stefan Engelbrecht

+27 21 938 9939

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Darius Rhoda​​​

Financial officer: Business Management

Darius Rhoda

+27 21 938 9187

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Given Nkuna​​​

Senior administrative officer

Given Nkuna

+27 21 938 9479

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Pruniel Thornes​​​

Senior administrative officer

Pruniel Thornes

+27 21 ​938 9848​

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