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​Research Development and Support

​About the Research Development and Support Division

The Research Development and Support Division (RDSD) operates under the leadership of Prof Nico Gey van Pittius, Deputy-Dean of Research. The RDSD aims to provide a friendly, professional and efficient service for the promotion of research in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The RDSD offices service the research, funding and ethics-related needs of Faculty staff, postgraduate students and undergraduate students. RDSD is comprised of five offices: the doctoral office, the grants management office, the health research ethics office, the research capacity development and funding office, and the undergraduate research offic​e. ​

Broad areas of research development and support covered by RDSD include: developing and strengthening research capacity among staff and students; coordinating research funding applications and awards from SU and national and international funding bodies; compliance with regulatory requirements such as the ethical approval of research protocols; and the financial management of research grants, particularly during the post-award process. The RDSD also maintains close links with the Division of Research Development on main campus in addressing a number of other research-related issues.

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