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On behalf of the Tygerberg Doctoral Office, a warm welcome to the PhD programme in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences on the Tygerberg campus of Stellenbosch University. The Tygerberg Doctoral Office offers comprehensive support of your doctoral research journey, once you are registered. 

First-year PhD students (preparatory or PhD registration) should reach out, right away, to their academic environment to confirm the details of their postgraduate coordinator and their supervisor, as a firm prerequisite for success;

    • Do visit Ms Brigitta Kepkey at the Tygerberg Doctoral Office (Office 1073, first floor, Clinical Building), to introduce yourself in person, on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings between 9AM and noon;
    • This interactive map may help you find your way around campus (select Tygerberg campus);
    • More information on campus is available here and here.
    • You may enjoy joining the activities of the Tygerberg Postgraduate Student Council;
    • You may find it useful to check out all the resources on this postgraduate orientation page;
    • Prevent or alleviate the possible isolation of the PhD journey by joining the CHPE monthly doctoral discussion group at any stage – email Ms Edwardene Marais ( for dates. ​