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PhD Registration

Welcome to the PhD programme in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences on the Tygerberg campus of Stellenbosch University. Please follow the steps below in order to register, but only after you have completed the online application process and accepted an offer to study at SU in a particular academic year. 

For new internation​al stude​​​nts ​o​​​n​​ly:​​​
International students are warmly welcomed on Tygerburg campus. Before you do the above, Tygerberg International will require the documents listed below. Any queries can be sent to Ms Shanlynn Timm at

  • Proof of valid passport (certified)
  • Proof of valid study visa (certified, if applicable)
  • Proof of South African medical cover (if applicable)
  • Proof of payment or scholarship letter

  • All new entrants to the FMHS doctoral programme are first registered for a doctoral preparatory phase for the purpose of successfully completing the proposal review and ethics clearance process. The general expectation is that these milestones must be achieved by September of year 1. This form of registraiton is significantly more affordable than PhD registration, but fees increase if a second year is required to attain proposal and ethics approval.

  • All returning doctoral students must submit an annual progress report and an ethical clearance or renewal letter bearing their name to by 30 November every academic year;

  • Returning international students must at the start of each year provide their passport, proof of medical insurance, and proof of payment to Ms S Timm ( of Tygerberg International to lift the international block.

  • Students with a financial block will be unable to register, but if a scholarship is due to be paid, please liaise with Ms L Matthee (​​) about the possibility of lifting the financial block.

  • Thereafter, by 28 January each new academic year, returning students should register themselves as follows:
    o Click on 'Postgraduate' on the top ribbon;
    o Click on the e-registration button found on the far-left corner of the first ribbon (E-registration is also located under admin & support);
    o A new window will open where the student will be prompted to sign in using SU credentials;
    o Next, the system will display steps to register starting with updating personal information;
    o Follow the on-screen instructions and complete all the steps;
    o Students may download proof of registration directly;

  • Students who still experience difficulties after following all steps above, are invited to write to Ms Vanessa Joseph ( of the registrar's division, to assist with registration.

Please see an overview of SU registration here:

Please note that the registrar's division (student administration) is ultimately responsible for registration. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​