Clinical Anatomy
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Division of Clinical Anatomy



Group Lead: Ms. Jodie Lemphane  

Group Members: Dr. Mandi Alblas 


The state-of-the-art, fully operational SUNHisto research laboratory consists of an automated tissue processor, embedder, four microtomes (standard and cryostat), an automated H&E stainer, BOND autoimmunostainer, and a light microscope with a camera. Recently, we acquired the Grundium Ocus® which allows for whole slide scanning at highly competitive scan times and easy slide sharing capabilities. In addition, SUNHisto also offer a short course designed for researchers. This course provides participants basic understanding of the routine histological techniques used to produce slides for microscopic analysis. 


Histology projects within the division currently investigate the effects of a green rooibos extract on muscle and bone tissue. The bone tissue project is being used to establish a Bone lab within the Division, which will serve external stakeholders and the University.  


For more information on current projects contact Mrs. Jodie Lemphane (