Welcome to Stellenbosch University
​​​​​​​​​Prof Hester Klopper
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Strategy, Global and Corporate Affairs​

​The portfolio Strategy, Global and Corporate Affairs​ (SGCA) focuses on strategically positioning Stellenbosch University (SU) to flourish as a modern research-driven university that is future-fit, globally competitive and a leading centre of knowledge and education in Africa.

By aligning the environment plans of the faculties, departments, centres and support divisions across the university SGCA keeps the focus on the university’s mission to be the leading research-intensive university on the African continent with impact in communities across the world. ​


Given the myriad challenges that face SU as a crucial player in higher education in South Africa and the continent, it is imperative that the institution crafts its future path based on a clear strategy to remain a crucial contributor to human resource development on the continent and to ensure its systemic sustainability in the ever-growing and changing knowledge economy -- driven by technological innovation, digitilisation and the cross-overs and convergence of disciplines which in turn impact on the way that new knowledge is produced, shared and applied.


Internationalisation and globalisation are at the forefront of conversations in the global educational arena. As higher education becomes more international, cross-border and inter-institutional collaboration becomes ever more important for institutions to support their core functions: learning and teaching, research and innovation, as well as social impact.

Hence, internationalisation is a key priority in the focused drive to enhance SU's profile and reputation globally. It sits at the heart of the institution’s initiatives and programs to increase its research ability to address the grand challenges our time and add to the graduate skill set of students on all levels to enhance their employability and competitiveness in the international markets.

The S&I portfolio consists of four divisions with their functional sub-divisions: Information Governance, Stellenbosch International, Strategic Initiatives, and Corporate Communication.



Information Governance (IG)

IG supports institutional strategy and policy development. Through extensive data analysis, focused business intelligence and innovative scientific modelling it’s Centres support strategic decision-making, scenario planning and future projections relating to key aspects of the institution’s systemic sustainability en route to realising its vision statement.


Stellenbosch University International (SUI)

SUI supports the institution's internationalisation activities in the rest of Africa and beyond with specific focus on fostering and enhancing bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships and collaborative networks in support of SU’s commitment to Africa and delivering scientific scholarship with global impact.


Strategic Initiatives (DSI)

DSI gives effect to the University's short, medium and long-term strategic goals through the development, implementation and monitoring of specific programmes and projects.


Corporate Communication and Marketing Division ​(CCMD) and Student Recruitment

CCMD and Student Recruitment supports the university as a valued strategic partner through positioning the SU brand favourably, providing integrated communication processes and programmes and optimising the use of digital communication platforms that focus on facilitating and accelerating institutional vision attainment.



Hazel Alexander
Personal Assistant