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Statutory Bodies

​Under the statute, there are five statutory bodies: the University Council; Senate; Institutional Forum (IF); Student Council and the Convocation.

The Council, under the Higher Education Act, the SU Statute and any other applicable legislation,  has an oversight responsibility over academic and operational issues, as well as institutional policy and strategy. The Council governs, among other things, the assets of the University, determine the conditions of service of staff and top management, and determine the University's admission and language policy.

 The Senate is responsible for the University's academic programmes, the acquisition of qualifications and academic staff. The ten faculty boards, each chaired by the dean, are the committees of the Senate. The Institutional Forum (IF) was created to advise the Council on request. Both the Senate and the IF makes recommendations to the Council that has the decision-making power.

The convocation consists of all the graduates (alumni of the SU), all academic staff of the University and academic staff who was in service of the SU until their retirement.

 The Student Council is annually elected by the students for a period of office of 12 months from September to August the following year. The Student Council is subject to the authority of the Council.

The Senate, IF, Student Council and the Convocation all appoint representatives to the University Council. Council members are also nominated to serve in the Senate and the Institutional Forum.