PROJECTS FUNDED 2019 – 2022:

Please find below the projects for categories A and B that were approved for 2019 – 2022, organised per year. To access more information per project, please click on the project title. Each project pertains to certain themes, indicated per project. For a definition of these themes, please click here.

2019     2020     2021     2022

YEAR 2019

Project FundedProject Lead
Hybrid Learning Expansion Strategy for Stellenbosch UniversityDr Antoinette van der Merwe & Ms M. de Klerk
Seed Funding to Start Up the Post-Graduate Diploma in Strategic Human Resource ManagementProf A. Odendaal & Ms A. Lakay
Continuation Funding for the Centre For Invasion BiologyProf Guy Midgly & Ms Chrity Momberg
Fraunhofer Project Centre in Water and EnergyProf Oliver Damm
ARUA Centre of Excellence in EnergyProf Neill (NJ) Goosen
Renewal Plan: Welgevallen Experimental FarmDr Michael-John Freeborough
Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden - Combined Upgrade and RationalisationDr Donovan Kirkwood
Water Security to Restore the Ertjieskloof Dam to Original Design Capacity of 78 000m3Ms Madeleine Malan
Roll-Out of Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework 2019-2024Dr Barbara Pool
INTERINFO (Stellenbosch University Information System for Internationalisation)Ms Sarah van der Westhuizen & Mr Kirwan Adams
Staff Development PlatformMr Jan Knight
Hybrid Learning renewal and expansion University of Stellenbosch Business SchoolDr Pieter (JD) Opperman
Stellenbosch University Visual Redress ProjectProf Elmarie Costandius
Emerging Scholars InitiativeProf Sarah (SJ) Howie & Dr B. Abrahams
Strengthening Research Integrity and Ethics Processes and Promoting a Culture of Responsible Research Conducts at SUDr Therina Theron & Ms E.S. Thomas
ICT in Learning and Teaching ProjectDr Antoinette van der Merwe & Mr Joe Smit
SunFin Project Implementation CostMs Liesel Grobbelaar & Ms Lancia Richard-Chetty
Funding for SUNStudent Implementation ProjectMr Freek Truter
The Development of an Overarching Brand Positioning StrategyMs Marguerite Cloete
Redevelopment of AND Strengthening the Public Relations and Communications of SUMarick Hornsveld & Dr Barbara Pool
The Establishment of the School for Data Science and Computational Thinking (DiSeCT)Prof Kanshu Rajaratnam

YEAR 2020

Project FundedProject Lead
Resourcing the New Postgraduate Diploma on Public Finance ManagementProf Tania Ajam
Resourcing the New Advanced Diploma in Sustainable DevelopmentDr Ruenda Loots
Start-Up Capital for the New Structured MSc in Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceProf Willie Brink
Genadendal Music Collections Catalogue (GMCC)Dr Hilde Roos
The Establishment and Resourcing of the Assessments, Academic Records and Graduations Office (AARGO)Mr Ashmind Daniels
An Application to Leverage Funds For a Critical Update of NMR Spectroscopy FacilitiesProf Bert Klumperman
SUNLearn Integrated Course Reading System (Leganto)Mr Wouter Klapwijk
Translational Fellow (TF) ProgrammeMs Nolene Singh
High Level Stellenbosch University Lecture Series on African Food SystemsMs Julia (JR) Harper
African Human Rights Moot Court CompetitionProf Annika (EA) Rudman
Development of SU Techpreneurship CentreMr Josh Romisher

YEAR 2021

Project FundedProject Lead
Establishment of Hydrogeologic Field-SchoolMr Reynold Chow & Prof AN Roychoudhury
Assessment Matters - Re-imagining Assessment Culture and Practices for a Transformative Student ExperienceDr Antoinette van der Merwe & Ms Christina Harvett
Central Sponsorship OfficeMs Lizanne Fuzy & Ms Anita Nel
Stellenbosch University Hybrid Open DayMs Magdel Pretorius
Seeding Entrepreneurism Across SUMs Nonhlanhla Mbekeni, Ms Nolene Singh & Mr Josh Romisher
Establishment of a Dedicated E-Sports VenueMs Liz Dirkse van Schalkwyk, Ms I Groenewald & Ms Anita Nel
Commercialisation of the Plant Disease ClinicProf A. McLeod, Ms Sonja Coertse & Prof L. Mostert
SU School for ClimateProf Guy Midgley

YEAR 2022

Project FundedProject Lead
Transformation Funds For SACEMAProf Juliet Pulliam
World-Leading Postgraduate Programme In Sustainability TransitionsMs Cornelia Jacobs
Green Hydrogen Engineering ResearchProf Craig McGregor
Renewal Of Stellenbosch University Identity And Access Management PlatformMr Le Roux Franken
MaRooN Health Passport - Strategic Fund Application For New Phase 2 DevelopmentMs Susan Crumpton
Commercialisation Of Innovus Intellectual Property And Technology Transfer Tools 


Funding that is directed to the creation, maintenance or upgrading of systems or processes, across the larger institutional space. Systems are a collection of elements or components that are organised for a common purpose or goal. Processes are a series of progressive and interdependent steps by which an end is attained, a set order of doing things, a method of conducting affairs, across the institutional space or within specific components therein.
Funding that is directed to activities, programmes or actions resulting in expansion, awareness or capacity building, across the larger institutional space or within specific components therein. Expansion involves the action of expanding or increasing something in size, number or importance. Awareness involves an increased or better understanding of a situation, subject matter, system, process, mandate, etc. Capacity building can be defined as the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that the institution and/or specific components therein, need to survive, adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world.
New academic programmes refer to programmes, plans, procedures and systems regarding which educational instruction and training is delivered either in person, online or via hybrid programmes across the broad institutional space.
Research refers to the systematic investigation into and study of materials, sources, information and knowledge, to establish facts, reach new conclusions and add to the overall body of knowledge. CIS is defined in Stellenbosch University's rules on academic entities within and alongside departments and faculties.
Infrastructure: The main purpose of the funding is directly related to the building, construction, renovation or outfitting of physical spaces and facilities, needed for the operation of the environment or institution. Equipment: The main purpose of the funding is directly related to the purchase, upgrade or replacement of a tangible item(s), intended for a specific purpose, or operational necessity that is required for the achievement of specific objective(s) or tasks(s).
Commercialisation is the process of managing or running something principally, or in part, for financial gain. This is the process of bringing new products or services to the market, internally or externally to the institutional space. Entrepreneurial activity is characterised by taking a calculated financial risk in the hope of profit. It is the process of developing, organising and running a new business to generate profit, while taking on financial risk. Entrepreneurial activities can lead to full-blown commercialisation activities, in the long run.