Staff, students, and stakeholders have several options available to report matters such as unfair discrimination, harassment, gender-based violence, corruption, fraud, and language policy implementation complaints. Complaints can be submitted directly to the relevant Stellenbosch University (SU) structures or can​ be reported to two independently managed contractors or the independent ombud at SU​.

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Discrimination and harassment​​​​

Report incidents of unfair discrimination and harassment including racism, victimisation, sexual victimisation, sexual abuse, gender and identity discrimination. Reporting can be done anonymously if needed. Incidents can also be reported to ​ unfair@sun.ac.za ​.
or in-person at the Equality Unit, at Huis Simon Nkoli House, 39 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch.

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Gender-based violence

Report all forms of sexual misconduct, gender-based violence, sexual abuse, intimate partner violence and victimisation including sexual harassment, stalking, rape, and sexual coercion. Reporting can be done anonymously if needed.

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​​Fraud and corruption

Report incidents of poor governance, conflicts of interest, dishonesty, bribery, blackmail, misuse of SU assets, misrepresentation, or violation of internal controls. Reporting can be done anonymously if needed. Incidents can also be reported via e-mail to sun@ethics-line.com or call 0800 204 549.

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Independent Tip-offs on Discrimination

The independently monitored, 24-hour tip-off service allows staff and students to report incidents of racism, unfair discrimination, victimisation, harassment, and more. Reporting can be done anonymously if needed. Incidents can also be reported via e-mail to SUunfair@tip-offs.com or call 0800 346 346 (tollfree).

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​Implementation of the language policy

Staff or students who feel negatively affected by the implementation of the SU Language Policy have several avenues to submit a complaint. Complaints should adhere to the procedures in section 8.5 and 8.6 of the policy and can be submitted to the Dean of the faculty, department head, faculty chairperson, the Academic Affairs Council at academicaffairs@sun.ac.za or the independent Ombud at SU, at ombudsman@sun.ac.za

Read SU language policy here

Independent Ombud

The Office of the Ombud at SU provides a channel for student, parent and staff issues and complaints to be dealt with independently in instances where the existing University structures are unable to deal with these matters satisfactorily. The ombud can be contacted at ombudsman@sun.ac.za .

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Protection of Personal Information Act

Stellenbosch University is committed to protecting the privacy of our students, employees, and partners, in line with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) as well as related South African legislation, global leading practices, and our commitment to good institutional governance. We respect your privacy and will not sell or share your information with other institutions or companies to use for their own purposes.


Your confidentiality: All information provide​​d by the complainant/whistle-blower will be kept confidential and will only be shared if we are legally required to do so, if we must do so to fulfil our agreement with you, or if you have given your consent. ​