Welcome to Stellenbosch University

General Management

​​​​​The functions of the University are guided by the Higher Education Act (Act 101 of 1997) and the Statute of Stellenbosch University (SU) (2010). The Statute defines the role of the University's office bearers, statutory bodies and institutional governance structures.

Office Bearers

The Chancellor is the ceremonial or titular head of the University. The Rector, the chief executive officer of the University, is also the Vice-Chancellor. The vice-rectors and the Registrar are also office bearers of the University. The Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Rectors may award degrees.

Management Structures

The Rector's Managemen​t Team (RMT) is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of the University. The RMT consists principally of the Rector and vice-rectors responsible for the functions of the institution, as well as the Chief Operating Officer. The vice-rectors are respectively responsible for Learning and Teaching; Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies; Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel; as well as Strategic Initiatives and Internationalisation. The Registrar ensures that ​the academic administration of the University runs smoothly. The Rector may appoint senior staff to attend the meetings of the RMT and to support the operations of the RMT as required.

The General Management Committee (GMC) consists of the members of the RMT, the deans of the University's 10 faculties, the Registrar and senior directors of the various professional, administrative and support service divisions. Matters of academic and administrative interest are discussed by the GMC and the members play an advisory role to the RBS.

The Executive (RMT)

​Prof Wim de Villiers (Rector and Vice-Chancellor​)
Prof Leopoldt van Huyssteen (Chief Operating Officer
Prof Stan du Plessis (Chief Operating Officer [Designate]
Prof Arnold Schoonwinkel ​(Vice-Rector: Learning and Teaching)
Prof Eugene Cloete (Vice-Rector: Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies)
Prof Nico Koopman (Vice-Rector: Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel)
Prof Hester Klopper (Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Strategic Initiatives and Internationalisation)
Dr Jerome Slamat (Executive Manager: Rectorate)
Support: Dr Ronel Retief (Registrar)
Support: Prof Tobie de Coning (Chief Director: Strategic Initiatives and Human Resources)
Support: Dr Phumzile Mmope (Senior Director: Corporate Marketing)
Support: Ms Tonia Overmeyer (Dean of Students / Director:
Centre for Student Leadership and Structures)


Prof Hendrik Bosman [Acting] (Theology)
Prof Sonia Human (Law) 
Prof Louise Warnich (Science) 
Prof Danie Brink [Acting] (AgriSciences) 
Prof Johan Malan [Acting] (Economic and Ma​​nagement Sciences)
Prof Samuel Tshehla (Military Science)
Prof Maureen Robinson (Education)
Prof Anthony Leysens [Acting] (Arts and Social Sciences)
Prof Hansie Knoetze (Engineering)
Prof Jimmy Volmink (Medicine and Health Sciences)

Chief Directors

Prof Tobie de Coning (Strategic Initiatives and Human Resources)
Ms ​Nicolette van den Eijkel​ (Facilities Management)
Mr Manie Lombard (Finance)
Ms Ilhaam Groenewald (Sport)​

Senior Directors

Mr Attie Juyn (Information Technology)
Ms Ellen Tise (Library and Information Service)
Prof Ian Cloete (Institutional Research and Planning)
​​​​Dr Therina Theron (Research Development)
Mr Robert Kotzé (Postgraduate and International Office)
Dr Pierre Viviers (Campus Health Service)​
Ms Anita Nel (Innovation and Business Development)
Ms Christelle Feyt (Prospective Students)
Dr Antoinette van der Merwe (Learning and Teaching Enhancement)
Ms Karen Bruns (Development and Alumni Relations)​ ​
Ms Phumzile Mmope (Corporate Communication)
Dr Birgit Schreiber (Student Affairs)​
Mr Victor Mothobi (Human Resources)
Dr Barbara Pool (Strategic Initiatives)