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Operations and Finance

​​​​​Prof Stan du Plessis

Operations and Finance supports strategic focuses​​​

Stellenbosch University (SU) is a world-class institution that delivers learning, teaching and research with a vast social impact. These academic endeavours take place on SU’s scenic campuses, which are characterised by impressive physical infrastructure, environmentally friendly operating practices, sustainable financial planning, cutting-edge information technology and communication systems, commercialisation of intellectual property and other commercial services, as well as outstanding sport and recreational facilities.

The responsibility centre of Operations and Finance supports the University’s seven institutional strategies: access, excellence, social impact, internationalisation, systemic transformation, systemic sustainability and campus renewal. By the nature of the responsibility centre’s activities, our specific focuses are systemic sustainability and campus renewal, pursuing overall operational excellence in everything we do.
Being multidimensional, Operations and Finance sensibly combines the following professional and administrative support services for the benefit of the University:

Financial planning and management
The expansion and maintenance of physical infrastructure (working, learning and living spaces) and campus
        security services
The management of SU’s commercial services and the commercialisation of its intellectual property
The promotion of entrepreneurship among students and staff
The management of information technology
The management of sport as a strategic University asset, and of recreation as part of a healthy lifestyle for
        students and staff
The maintenance and management of the University’s campus master plan, mobility plan (parking, shuttle
        service and access control), campus security and risk management system

Through their respective activities, the various divisions housed in Operations and Finance – Facilities ManagementInnovus​, Maties Sport, Information Technology and Finan​ce​ contribute to an integrated support services environment. ​


Ms Mariëtte Hanekom 
Personal Assistant: Chief Operating Officer 
Tel: +27 (0)21 808 9111



Prof Stan du Plessis