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What is the SRC?

The Students' Representative Council (SRC) is the highest representative structure for students at Stellenbosch University (SU) as recognised by the SU Statute​ and governed by the Student Constitution​.​ The SRC fulfils its representative and organizational mandate through various portfolios allocated to a team of elected SRC members and appointed SRC managers.


​​How does the SRC represent you?


 The SRC's structural composition facilitates the representation of all students. With the Tygerberg Students' Representative Council (TSRC) Chairperson and the Military Academy Student Captain both serving as ex-officio members, students from the ​Tygerberg and Saldanha campuses are also represented at the highest level of SU management. 

Furthermore, three statutory bodies (Academic Affairs Council, Prim Committee and Societ​ies Council​) as well as and the Postgraduate Student Council,  made up of representatives from all  Faculties, Communities (Residences and Private Student Organizations- PSO's) and Societies ensure that the students who form a part of these structures are heard and well represented on the SRC. 

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Composition of the SRC:

​Elected members​Academic Affairs Council​Prim Committee (Residence | PSO)Senior Prim Committee
(Senior Residence)
​Tygerberg (TSR)​Military Academy (MASC)​Societies Council

*no voting rights

According to the Student Constitution, the SRC can also appoint between 2 and 10 managers in order to facilitate administrative portfolios. The managers are regarded as full SRC members without voting rights in SRC meetings (as they have not been elected by campus, but appointed by the SRC). The managers for 2021/2022 are as follows: 

Arts and Culture​ (KUKO)                                                                                                        - Sport

- Branding                                                                                                                                    - Womxn and Queer Empowerment

- Marketing                                                                                                        ​                          ​- Leadership Development 

- Safety and Security                                                                                                 

- Special Needs