Student Parliament
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What Parliament Does

​Speaker Elections

The chair-position in the Student Parliament ​​​Committee is the Speaker. Every year in the forth term before the forth Ordinary Student Parliament Sitting, the Committee sends out an email to all Stellenbosch University Students encouraging them to apply for the position. All applicants will be given a chance at the sitting to introduce themselves and present a speech, whereafter the floor will be opened for questions. Every student who attends the forth sitting has a chance to vote for a candidate.  

The Student Parliament Committee is elected by appointment.

For more information on this regard, please email enquiries to


Student Representative Council (SRC) Elections

The elections of the SRC are run by an independent committee headed by election conveners. It is essential to understand that similar to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa, the SRC Election Conveners are independent from all other bodies, including the SRC and Student Parliament. However, since the Student Parliament was established for accountability purposes in the best interests of all Stellebosch University students, we strive to remain objective and achieve our core values, taking into account our inherent limitations. This will be done through routine meetings with the Election Conveners and Student Governance representatives.


House Committee (HK) Elections

Each house on campus runs their own elections according to their own constitutions with their own appointed election committees. Student Parliament comes into play by sending a representative to any one of the House Elections, either Primaria, Vice Primaria or House Committee elections, to have an objective view on the proceedings and to ensure that the elections are free and fair. We will not interfere unless it is absolutely necessary. As House Committees play a very important role in Student Governance, we feel that it is vital for us to be present.​