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Student Parliament

Accountability, Transparency and Consultative Governance


Acc​ountability, Transparency and Constitutional Democracy

The 2014 Student Parliament builds on the foundations of the preceding Parliaments. During the 2011 Parliament our Student Union Constitution was reviewed and fundamental changes were made. These changes codified the establishment of a Parliament which is completely independent from the Student Representative Council. This independent Parliament had the specific mandate to hold the SRC accountable transparent. The responsibilities and powers also clearly envision greater participation between positional and non-positional Maties.

The 2012 Parliament made a conscience and deliberate move to actively focus on the execution of what would be considered as the inherent role of Parliament within a constitutional democracy. The robust engagement between Parliamentary officers and the Executive at times led to strained relations but with their mutual focus on student success and serving Maties the differences could always be resolved professionally. During this period we also established the practice​ of the Keynote address which is delivered by an individual who encapsulates the ideals and vision of an inclusive Matie Community where each is a thought leader with her/his own unique contribution. The first key note address was delivered by our Rector and Vice-Chancellor Prof Russell Botman. It is also poignant that the evening's agenda focused on matters pertaining specifically to matters of inclusivity and our institutional culture

The 2013 Parliament continued on the focus of the 2012 Parliament and moved to strengthen its mandate and establish a positive and constructive relationship with all structures of student governance. The keynote address was delivered by our Mr George Steyn, Chairperson of our Council. His talk focused on leadership and the benefits and pitfalls of good and bad leaders. This message carried through during this period.

Student Parliament have a number of strategic objectives to:

  • build its capacity to effectively fulfil its mandate,
  • strengthen participatory governance,
  • be responsive to the needs of Maties,
  • strengthen accountability,
  • strengthen co-operative governance,
  • widening the role of Parliament in international participation,
  • support and enhance the credibility of all structures of student governance,
  • increase the effectiveness and efficiency of parliamentary functions and systems,
  • strengthen constitutional democracy,
  • strengthen financial oversight and transparency,
  • promote consultative governance