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​Student Parliament

Accountability, Transparency and Consultative Governance


Dear Members of the House,

     Please find below the minutes and agendas for the Student Parliament meetings. 

Student Parliament​ Meetings

All registered students are members of Parliament and are therefore welcome to attend all Student Parliament Committee Meetings and Sittings. Please refer to the Student Parliament Constitution to be enlightened on the procedure to follow so that you can  comment and participate in Student Parliament Committee meetings. 

​Stellenbosch Campus​​​

9 April 2019

Student Parliament ​Minutes 9 April 2019.docx

23 April 2019

Agenda 23 April.docx

Student Parliament Minutes 23 April 2019.docx

2 May 2019 

Agenda 2 May 2019.docx

Student Parliament Minutes 2 May 2019.docx

30 July 2019

Agenda 30 July 2019.docx

Student Parliament committee minutes- 30 July 2019.docx

​​6 August 2019
Agenda 6 August.docx
Student Parliament Minutes 6 August 2019.docx

Tygerberg Campus​​

13 March 2019​​​ 

TSP Minutes 2019.docx

26 March 2​019 

TSPEC meeting 2.docx

13 Ma​y 2019

TSPEC Meeting 3.docx

Dear Members of the House,

     Please find below the minutes and agendas for the Student Parliament Ordinary Sittings. ​

Student​ Parliament O​rdi​nary Sittings

​​​​Stellenbosch Campus​​​​​

​First Annual Sitting- 19 March 2​​​019 

Agenda 19 March 2019.pdf

Student Parl​iament Minutes 19 Mar First sittingpdf.docx​

Second Annual Sitting- 7 M​​​ay 2019

Agenda 7 ​May 2019.pdf

Student Parliament 2nd annual sitting Pt 1 Minutes 7 May Final.docx

Third Annual Sitting- 5 September 2019​

Agenda 5 Sep 2019.pdf

Student Parl​iament Minutes 5 Sep Third sitting.docx

Tygerberg Campus​​​​

First Annual Sitting - 4 April 2019​

TSP First Sitting.docx