Student Parliament
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Formal Reports

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Student Parliament

Accountability, Transparency and Consultative Governance


​​​The Accountability Committee​​​

​The Register All Policy ​

Register All Policy and SUI Budget Portfolio Report.pdf

Quarterly Reports

​Stellenbosch Campus

The Sp​eaker of Student Parliament

First Term Report Speaker of Parliament.docx

The Deputy Speaker Internal (Accountabili​ty Chair)

Accountabilit Chair Term 1 Report.docx

The Deputy Speaker External (Secretary G​​eneral)

Student Parliament Report Term 1 Sec Gen final.docx

The Executive Tre​asurer 

Term Report Treasurer.docx

The Deputy Accountab​ility Chair 

No reports available as yet. 

The Communications ​Officer 

No reports available as yet.

Tygerberg Campus​

Available soon.