Student Parliament
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Who We Are

Student Parliament

Every student of Stellenbosch University is part of Student Parliament.

The Student Parliament Committee is a group of seven students who take on the administrative side of Student Parliament. We organize sittings and other events that open a platform for any and all Maties to raise there concerns or have access to information concerning student governance. We serve as a link between students and governing bodies.

Student Parliament has no part in governing any aspect of campus, we do, however, serve as a check and balance on  governing bodies such as the Student Representative Council (SRC), Prim Committee (PK) or the Academic Affairs Council. Therefore, we clam that we are Consultative Governance.

We encourage all Maties to have there say on campus issues, we encourage robust dialogue and we strive to develop a culture of Transparency and Accountability, not just on campus, but in the hearts and minds of our future leaders.