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Project and portfolio management

We provide project and portfolio management for strategic projects. This includes identifying strategic initiatives to deliver on the institutional strategic framework, as well as comprehensive project and programme planning and management of key strategic projects and programmes that may develop from strategic planning across the institution.
Our notable projects include:

  • the Centenary initiative, which took place in 2018 to celebrate Stellenbosch University's first 100 years of learning, growing and moving forward together,
  • the development of Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework 2019–2024
  • The creation of a Code of Conduct, which we plan to complete by the end of 2022.
    In our Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework 2019–2024, Stellenbosch University committed itself to the values of excellence, compassion, accountability, respect and equity. We are currently drafting a Code of Conduct to ensure that these values guide our actions and behaviour. The Code of Conduct will be written within a values-driven context, rather than a rules-driven context. Stakeholders will be actively included in the process in order for them to take co-ownership of the Code.