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Academic Programme Administration for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Assistant Registrar: MsPhD-programmesAssistant Registrar: 808 9111
Administrative Officer: MsBA (International Studies; Human Resource Management; Socio-Informatics); B in Social Work; BAHons (Journalism); MA Programmes Administrative Officer: MsBabsievan 808 9111
Administrative Officer: MsBA (Sport Science); PGDip (except Monitoring and Evaluation); MPhil programmes (Except Music Technology); M in Urban and Regional Planning)Administrative Officer: 808 9111
Administrative Officer: MrBA (Humanities; Social Dynamics; Political, Economic and Philosophical Studies [PPE]); PGDip in Monitoring and EvaluationAdministrative Officer: 808 9111
Administration Officer: MsBA (Language and Culture; Development and Environment); BAHons programmes; Special StudentsAdministration Officer: 808 9111
Administrative Officer: MsMA (General Linguistics; Linguistic Theory; Linguistics for the Language Professions); MPhil (Music Technology)Administrative Officer: 808 9111
MsAdministrative Support 808 9111