The readmission process for undergraduate students is governed by Stellenbosch University’s readmission rules and process, as stipulated in the University General Yearbook​, Part 1, under the heading “Readmission after Unsuccessful Studies”.

In accordance with these rules, undergraduate students must obtain (pass) a certain number of credits in a particular academic year to continue with their studies. Students who do not obtain sufficient credits, and who th​erefore do not comply with the readmission requirements, will not be allowed to continue with their studies.

Students may appeal academic exclusion, by applying for readmission to ONE academic programme for 2024. Appeals for readmission will be considered by the Readmission Appeals Committee of the respective faculty. ​

Readmission appeals application forms​​​​

Download the relevant readmission application form and ensure that you read the guidelines before completing the application. Ensure that your fully completed readmission application forms, along with all the required supporting documents and proof of the readmission application fee, reaches ​the University before or on the closing date.​​

Closing date for readmission appeals​

The closing date for the lodging of appeals is Thursday, 11 January 2024, excluding applications to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences(FMHS)which follow the application dates as outlined in the FMHS Readmission Appeals communication and application instructions.​

Students will be notified of the outcome of a readmission appeal application in writing after the Readmission Appeals Committee has convened in January 2024. ​​​

Important information​

Please carefully read the below information outlining the steps to submit your appeals application form, payment details and other important information related to the readmission appeals process.

1. Fully complete the Readmission Appeals Application form. Please carefully read and follow the guidelines as stipulated in the document.
2. If applicable, fully complete the readmission Medical/Healthcare Practitioner’s Report. This form must also be completed by your medical or healthcare practitioner. You should thus start the process as soon as possible to ensure the form is completed before the due date.
3. If applicable, fully complete the Programme Change Motivation form. This form must also be completed by your medical or healthcare practitioner. You should thus start the process as soon as possible to ensure the form is completed before the due date.
4. Pay the Readmission Appeals Application fee of R484. Please see below section for payment details.
5. Write your initials, surname, student number and the programme to which you are applying for readmission at the top of each page of the supporting documents that you include with your application to substantiate your request. Your supporting documents should then be scanned and emailed with your application documents.
6. Email the completed forms, all supporting documents and proof of payment to the applicable faculty email address listed below:​

Faculty Email
Engineering eng_readmit@sun.ac.za
Economic and Management Sciences ems_readmit@sun.ac.za
Law law_readmit@sun.ac.za
Theology theol_readmit@sun.ac.za
Arts and Social Sciences

Medicine and Health Sciences fmhs_readmit@sun.ac.za

The readmission appeals application fee of R484 can be deposited in the SU banking account or paid by internet transfer. Proof of payment must accompany your application. There are two banking options:​​

Payment with credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments

  • Go to ​ www.maties.com
  • Click on Students
  • Click on Fees
  • Click on Student Fees online payments

Internet banking payments made from Standard Bank banking services

  • Select Payments, Pay Beneficiary, thereafter select: “Add new beneficiary”
  • Under Business Directory select: “Company”
  • Enter beneficiary name: Universiteit Stellenbosch and search
  • Select: “Universiteit Stellenbosch – Studentegeld”
  • Beneficiary details/references:
  • ​Remember to enter under “Your details, My Reference”: Stellenbosch University
  • Beneficiary reference: Student number

If you do not want to apply for readmission now – or if you do apply for readmission but are not readmitted – and you want to apply for readmission to SU in the future, you will first have to prove that you are capable of successful studies at a tertiary institution. For this purpose, you will have to pass applicable modules in your field of study, of the same standard and workload as those of the SU, to be considered for readmission to SU. You can do these modules at any university of your choice. ​

Clearly indicate on the readmission application form to which programme you wish to be readmitted. You may apply for readmission to the same or a different programme in the faculty where you were previously registered, or to a programme in a different faculty, but you are only allowed to apply for readmission to one programme. If your application for readmission to that programme is not successful, you will not be allowed to apply for readmission to a different programme, or as a special student.

Please note that if you were not previously registered for any of the following programmes, you are not eligible to apply for readmission to these specific programmes: ​​

  • BA (Sport Science)
  • BA (Law), BCom (Law), LLB, BAccLLB
  • BSc (Food Science)
  • MBChB
  • BSc in Dietetics
  • BSc in Physiotherapy
  • B of Occupational Theraphy
  • B of Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy
  • B of Nursing
  • B in Social Work
  • BEd

This readmission offer does not include accommodation. It remains your responsibility to secure your own accommodation. The Student Accommodation Office will not be able to assist students with private accommodation if there is no funding available. The majority of our funded students who are readmitted, also lost their funding. Readmitted students will also not be considered for residence as they do not meet the academic requirements. It is therefore necessary to inform students who are readmitted to make the necessary accommodation arrangements.

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