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Our vision:
We seek to humbly contribute towards creating an Earth where humans may live in harmony
with other living species in a world with ambient air, clean water, a stable climate,
sustainable agriculture, and thriving ecosystems. We dream of a reality where our
connection to nature takes precedence over consumerism and capitalistic gain.

Our mission:
To achieve our goals, we aim to increase awareness and inspire action to reduce air and
water pollution, halt biodiversity loss, and mitigate the climate crisis. We aspire to reconnect
people with nature and shed light on the impact which each individual can make in achieving
environmental sustainability.

Activities & Events:
Expect to participate in the following activities and events where you will meet like-minded

● Talks, panel discussions, & workshops on sustainable consumerism, biodiversity
preservation, sustainable agriculture, & climate change mitigation
● Regular alien tree removals
● Gardening sessions
● Educational hikes & camps
● Demonstrations & protests
● Fundraisers 

*Our events are not exclusive to members but membership fees allow us to acquireresources necessary to achieve our goals.  
*Members obtain free or discounted access to all events where an entrance fee is required. ​

​Contact Us

Email: info@ecomaties 

​Facebook: EcoMaties 

Instagram, TikTok, X​: @ecomaties​ 


Membership Fee

R185 per year

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