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“For when two or three come together in my name, I am there with them”,Matthew
18:20 .
It is indeed a privilege to be enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch; the time spent
here has changed our perspective from it not being just being place of learning but
our second home. And just like home we would love to have our ELCSASO here on
campus. Below are some reasons why we would love to have our student society on
the Stellenbosch campus.
• From an individual perspective.
The Norms and Values of being Lutheran have been embedded in our hearts and
DNA since birth, and have not just shaped who we are as individuals but also guides
us from day to day. Having ELCSASO will allow us to have that safe space to
express ourselves through our hymns, interpretations of scriptures and exercise our
• Connects students.
“Birds of a feather flock together”. This opportunity will connect not just hundreds of
Lutherans on our different campuses but other students who are searching for a safe
place to draw closer to God. This connection will give birth to “support”, support from
fellow student, better yet students who share the same values and spiritual
• Strengthens faith.
Faith is something we value as ELCSASO. This chance will open a door for spiritual
growth and spiritual maturity. Things majority of student need as they go about their
academic years. Because we are faced with a lot of crossroads that require us to
make important decisions independently, decision that add to our future, knowing
that one will have a group of individual who stand together in faith and giving support
through anything brings a sense of peace.
• Equips students with leadership skill.
Giving us this opportunity is a perfect setting for us to learn; leadership skills, public
speaking, evangelism skill and many more qualities that the University prides itself with.
This will enable us to practise and grow in these areas, which will then build our
confidence and teach us the importance of the “Body of Christ”.
• Opportunity to be used by God.
A student could find themselves sharing a testimony, about their academics or
challenges they have been through or even supporting a housemate through a mini
crisis. The unpredictability of University life gives us a chance to be used by God in
the most significant way among our fellow students.

ELCSASO Chairperson 2021/2022: Bernhard Schiele

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