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The Vision of the Society is a campus (and ultimately a world) where all humans can interact as
equals, where queer voices are heard and protected, and where queer bodies are respected. As a
part of this Vision, QueerUS strives towards a society where all forms of oppression have been
eliminated, as we realise that the project of queer liberation is the same as any other liberation.

The Mission of QueerUS is to form, facilitate, and enable safe spaces for queer bodies at
Stellenbosch University. In this Mission, QueerUS will aim to educate and inform both students and
members of the public, advocate for queer liberation, and oppose any form of discrimination
against queerness. We realise that all forms of oppression are interlinked, and as such we also
advocate for the liberation of all oppressed and marginalised groups, be they oppressed because
of race, gender, or any other characteristic.

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