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The senate of a public higher education institution is accountable to the council for the academic and research functions of the public higher education institution and must perform such other functions as may be delegated or assigned to it by the council. The functions of the Council is contained in the Statute of the Unive​rsity of Stellenbosch. 

Composition of the Senate

The Rector and Vice-chancellor

The Rector's Management Team

The Registrar

Two members of The Council 
(apart from the rector and vice-chancellor and the vice-rector or vice-rectors) elected by council in the manner and for a term as set out in the Statute)

The professors of the university 

Five associate professors
elected by the associate professors

Four members of the Students' Council 
three members of the Student Council and one member of the Academic Affairs Council

Two members elected from their number by the permanent academic staff of the university
who are not professors or associate professors

Two members elected from their number by the administrative staff of the university

Two members elected from their number by the technical staff of the university

Departmental heads who aren't full professors

Such additional persons as may, by resolution of the senate, approved by the council, be declared to be members of the senate.