​​SRC Portfolios


​​Xola Njengele


​The chairperson is the chief executive officer of the SRC. They act as spokesperson for the SRC and are ultimately responsible for the finances of the SRC. The Chairperson must ensure that the SRC fulfills its mandate. The chairperson is also a direct line of contact and information for staff and management in the university. Although the chairperson is the students' representative, the chairperson is also a representative of the larger Stellenbosch University. The chairperson's mandate is to ensure that the needs of students are placed first in the university and works in collaboration with different stakeholders such as SU Staff, the municipality, other universities, etc.​


​​​Kira Alberts


The Vice-Chairperson shares the responsibility of the Chairperson of overseeing the SRC. They are also responsible for the internal relations and discipline of the SRC. This involves the development of a positive, open, productive mindset within all members of the SRC.


Philip Visage


The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the SRC and is responsible for ensuring that the financial resources of SRC are used in a transparent and responsible manner. The treasurer must ensure that every SRC member compiles a budget for their respective portfolio and that the SRC budget is made public to all the students.


Eduard Zehrt


 The Secretary-General is responsible for maintaining internal communication​, managing knowledge and preserving institutional memory within the SRC. The Secretary-General is also responsible for ensuring that SRC meetings (and any other meetings or consultations where the SRC desires record-keeping) are properly recorded. Finally, the Secretary-General is responsible for updating, safekeeping and making available records, policies and other documents of the SRC.

Student Wellness

Makabongwe Kaseke


The student wellness portfolio deals with various factors that influence the wellbeing of SU students. This includes mental health, food security, health & safety, and the widespread effects of COVID-19. It is important to raise awareness around these issues, normalize the conversation on these topic, and work towards the creation and implementation of university policies. It is essential to be acknowledging, sensitive and responsive to the needs of SU students.

Student Financial Access

Gina Sibanda


When challenging socio-economic conditions prevail in South Africa, especially as they are exacerbated by COVID-19, the Student Financial Access portfolio's vision is that no student will be financially. excluded. The portfolio focuses on collaborative efforts to ensure students who are able, willing & deserving of a place at Stellenbosch University can secure it, despite their financial circumstances. This involves dealing with matters such as bursaries, loans, application fees, tuition fees, student debt, and other monetary challenges. ​


Viwe Kobokana


The transformation portfolio represents all students on campus. It strives towards providing a student experience that is welcoming to everyone without discriminating. We are shaped by the environments that we originate from as students. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the transformation officer to bridge the gap by providing a global experience that will violate the rights of others based on their language, gender, religion, social class, and political affiliation. The goal is to create an environment that will offer students an opportunity to learn from one and another through embracing multiculturalism. Human dignity and justice guide the transformation agenda.​​​

Womxn & Queer Empowerment

Ayesha Abou-Zeid


The Womxn and Queer Empowerment portfolio (“WAQE") is a portfolio of the SRC, and aligns with the SRC's visions of dialogue, service, representation, and discourse. WAQE specifically functions to actively empower womxn and queer bodies at Stellenbosch University through education, encouragement, support, and accountability. This will be achieved by having transformative engagement with students, student leaders, and staff members. We will uplift womxn and queer bodies through continuously tackling gender-based violence and rape culture, by creating safe spaces, increasing education on gender inequality, recognizing the role of intersectionality, advocating for equity on campus, and holding all inequitable parties accountable. The foundation of this portfolio is the encouragement of human dignity and respect. WAQE envisions an environment where all womxn and queer communities feel safe, comfortable, and included at Stellenbosch University. ​

Social Impact

Unathi Ngumbela


The Social Impact portfolio recognis​es that Stellenbosch University is not an isolated system - we live within the community of Stellenbosch and the greater community of South Africa. Our activities should least consider, and at best be​nefit, those around us. What we do must not be detrimental to society, but instead be constructive. Stellenbosch University should strive towards excellence in the community, but also excellence for the community.

Ex-officio members

Chairperson: Prim Committee

Leoné Wilkinson


The PK Chair plays an important role in the student leadership structure as the Chair has direct contact with all the Prims of the various communities around campus. The PK chair should facilitate the discussions within student communities and act as the needed nexus between the students and the management of the university. It is the Chair's duty to listen to the needs of the students, as raised by the prims and to, along with the rest of the Prims, provide guidance and solutions for the problems. The position plays an important role in the SRC to provide context and a different opinion for the body as a whole, but also to attempt to bring the SRC closer to students.​

Vice-chairperson: Prim Committee

Joshua Eva


The Prim Committee's Vice-Chair is assigned the responsibilities of the committee's PSO Chair and is mandated to represent the 11 PSO (Private Student Organisation) communities on the Prim Committee's Executive Committee, the SRC. In the spirit of the previous term's PC Residence and PSO chairs to operate as co-chairs, both myself and the PC Chair take equal responsibility for our respective constituencies as well as the PC as a whole. A primary, mandatory goal of my position is the personal and leadership development of PSO Primarii to benefit overall community-building in our private student structures.​

Chairperson: Senior Prim Committee

Masixole Ndamandama


The Senior Prim Committee has a constitutional mandate to actively promote the rights of students contained in Chapter 2 of The Student Constitution, and specifically the right, under section 8 (1), to an enabling campus environment in which student success and academic excellence are encouraged and pursued. The Senior Prim Committee represents the interests of the residents of senior residences, in that capacity, at the SRC and the University management through the chairperson of the Senior Prim Committee.​

Chairperson: Academic Affairs Council​​

Jarryd Luyt


The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) is a representative student body that takes care of the academic affairs of students in an environment that is devoted to excellence. The AAC consists of two representatives from each of the faculties of Stellenbosch University. The AAC's sole mandate is to protect and represent the academic affairs of students. The AAC can be contacted if a student has any academic issues that need attention, such as HEMIS, lecturer complaints, and course inquiries.​

Chairperson: Societies Council & Policy Officer​

Nomzamo Buthelezi


The Societies Council Chairperson represents the voices and interests of student societies on the SRC governing body. The Societies Council provides a platform for society interaction and the resources and structure student societies need for success. Societies touch the lives of many students, providing them with a place to fit in. 

The Policy Officer is at least responsible for ensuring that policies of the SRC, as well as that of the students, are formulated and revised in accordance with section 21 (7) of The Student Constitution; assisting the other SRC members in evaluating and giving input in the formulation of University policy in accordance with section 21 (3) of The Student Constitution, and ensuring that The Student Constitution is revised and updated when required by this Constitution or when necessary.

Chairperson: Tygerberg Student​ Council

Kristin Arends


The chairperson is the chief executive officer of the TSC. They act as spokesperson for the TSC and ensure that the TSC fulfills its mandate. The chairperson is also a direct line of contact and information for staff and management on the Tygerberg campus. Although the chairperson represents Tygerberg students, they also serve on the SRC and represent the institutional vision & values of Stellenbosch University. The chairperson's mandate is to ensure that the needs of Tygerberg students are placed first by collaborating with​ stakeholders.

Student Captain: Militairy ​Academy

Avumile Finiza


The student captain oversees the Military Academy Student Committee (MASC). They are spokesperson for MASC and ensure that it fulfills its mandate. The chairperson is also a direct line of contact and information for staff and management on the Saldanha campus. Although the chairperson represents students in the Military Science faculty, they also serve on the SRC and represent the institutional vision & values of Stellenbosch University. The chairperson's mandate is to ensure that the needs of Military Academy students are placed first by collaborating with​ stakeholders.​