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‚ÄčThe Difference

Approximately three billion people around the world, mostly in developing countries, cook, heat,and light their homes using traditional cookstoves and open fires. Residential solid fuel burning releases a complex mix of health and climate-damaging pollutants, including the most important contributors to climate change. Household solid fuel use is associated with over 4 million premature deaths annually, as a result of both direct exposures to household air pollution (HAP) and ambient air pollution.  In South Africa approximately 45 000 fires lit many communities destroying everything in sight. Therefore, when dropped or tipped over, the Mimi Moto stove's flame goes out reducing the many killed by these fires. #Stovesfor10Towns will not only equip families in need with a cost effective and eco-friendly cook stove but also creating the possibility of saving lives.

Stellenbosch Municipality and Health Promoters have identified ten disadvantaged communities within the broader Stellenbosch region. A helping hand will be given to communities with no electricity, households without stoves and those deserving. These communities include Ghiff, Longlands, Meerlust, Enkanini  and Kayamandi.

Make a difference with Stellenbosch University SRC, Mimi Moto and Health Promotors and donate a stove to a deserving family.


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- Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves