​​​​​Student Fees

The Student Fees portfolio entails the responsibility to give an overview of the University's collection and spending of student fees. The SRC member must ensure that the University can justify the figures. He/she also serves on the Student Fees Committee (annual increase/decrease of student fees) as well as the Bursary and Loans Committee (strategic management of the University's bursaries and loans).


Student Relations

The Student relations portfolio specifically deals with First Generation Students, Post graduate and international students, disabled students and the Alumni. The role of student relations is to ensure that the above groups are integrated and accommodated on campus, in a manner that ensures their success. Furthermore to ensure their voices are heard on the relevant committees and forums.


Policy Units

The aim of the Policy Officer and the Policy Unit is to ensure that all SRC policies and policies of students are formulated and revised in accordance with the Student Constitution.  Furthermore to assist members of the SRC in formulating University Policy and ensuring that the Student Constitution is revised and updated.


Critical engagement

The Critical Engagement Portfolio's primary focus is to establish the SRC as a representative body that will afford all students not only the spaces for meaningful dialogue to take place but to prioritize the concerns raised and to move from talk to action. It is responsible for both enhancing and fostering a culture of critical discourse both within positional and non-positional student communities, clusters and across campuses. Furthermore, it is instrumental in furthering the development and training of those responsible for critical dialogue within houses through various structures on campus. Finally it must always remain conscious and ready for the promotion of more than just dialogue but active citizenry within academic and non-academic contexts



The Culture Portfolio creates a platform for all students to express themselves creatively, to encourage participation and to inspire innovation. Culture is responsible for annual projects such as Molassesêr, the Theatre Festival, Debate, the Photo, Arts and Writers Competition and the Kleinsêrfees.



 This portfolio is a fusion of the Visual Management, Marketing Communications and Media portfolio. The main objective of this portfolio is to lead and manage the image and brand of the SRC, while ensuring that the SRC always remains visible. The main aim is to improve the awareness and visibility of the brand. The management of the merchandise, general marketing, Matie Diary and many other diverse projects are encompassed in this portfolio.


Matie Life

Matie Life celebrates what makes Stellenbosch students unique and unites us in our diversity. Matie Life is responsible for various events held throughout the year on campus. These events create a perfect environment for every student in Stellenbosch to unite and grow the Matie culture



The Chairperson of the Tygerberg Student Representative Council (TSR) plays three (3) vital roles. The chairperson functions as the elected leader of the council and as such is the final person accountable for all that the TSR does or fails to do. The second responsibility of the TSR chairperson is representation of the council on other university structures, most importantly the SRC. The TSR chairperson sits on the SRC as an ex officio member. In addition to representation on the SRC, the chairperson also meets with the Rector and the Rector's management team, with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science and the faculty's management team as well as other important advisory bodies. In each instance the opportunity must be seized to address issues that are facing the Tygerberg Student Union (TSU). The third vital role that the Chairperson fulfils is communication. The chairperson is responsible for informing the students of Tygerberg of the actions and decisions of the council.


Student Success

Student success pertains to the wellness and the management of the resources that essentially contribute to student success. As the SRC member in charge for student success, I will be responsible for representing student needs on the relevant University committees. Furthermore promoting student wellbeing in collaboration with the University to ensure students are well informed of the  support structures available to them.


Societies Council

As Societies Council Chairperson I represent the voices and interests of student societies on the SRC governing body. The Societies Council provides a platform for society interaction and the resources and structure student societies need for success. Societies touch the lives of many students, providing them with a place to fit in.



The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) is a representative student body that takes care of the academic affairs of students in an environment that is devoted to excellence. The AAC consists of two representatives from each of the faculties of Stellenbosch University. The AAC's sole mandate is to protect and represent the academic affairs of undergraduate students. The AAC can be contacted if a student has any academic issues that need attention, such as HEMIS, lecturer complaints and course inquiries.


Student Communities

The portfolio of student communities was created to bring a variety of self-standing ideas and issues together to create a more effective and holistic approach to addressing issues. The portfolio includes hubs, the mobility study, the master plan and clusters. The SRC member responsible for this portfolio has to represent the student interests by the relevant parties and ensure that all three concepts are approached in a manner that is not inconvenient to students. In terms of clusters, the SRC member provides the necessary support to the cluster conveners in terms of information and institutional support.



The purpose of this portfolio is to ensure that the interests and voice of students are represented on forums where campus security is discussed. Thus, it is the SRC member of safety's responsibility to ensure that the relevant information regarding student safety is communicated to the relevant parties.



This portfolio has two specific aims. On the one hand awareness and education of students is extremely important. Students should be made aware of the great impact they can make. It is about getting people to change the way they think about sustainability. The other part is working together with management to implement large scale projects and initiatives to enhance sustainability starting with our campus.


Community interaction:

 ​Community Interaction will strive towards constantly: molding both structural and relational paradigms; emphasizing servant leadership and relational commitment; inspiring students to be pioneering citizens; creating sustainable support structures; promoting a character where the SRC should be sincerely attentive, mindfully articulate and decisively interdependent


Leadership development

We aim to provide various opportunities for students wherein essential leadership qualities are developed. These qualities should not only equip you with essential life skills but also nurture a culture of responsible global citizens who are actively involved in their wider community.



Since 2012 the MAD2 Chairperson is an ex officio manger of the SRC as it is a body that is relevant to the whole student community.  The chairperson serves as the overhead coordinator of the MAD2 period. Any queries with regards to events, themes, etc. can be referred to the chair: mad@sun.ac.za


Prim Committee

The Prim Committee is a sub-committee of the Student Representative Council upon which the Primarii, from each House, serve. The Prim Committee serves as a decision-making and consultative forum whose focus is the development of student interests.

The Prim Committee Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson also serve as ex officio members on the Student Representative Council and represent the interests of the residences and PSO's on this level. Accordingly, these members act as intermediaries who ensure general effective communication between these student leadership levels


Communications Officer

The role of the communications officer is ensuring that students are continuously and fully informed of the activities of the Student Representative Council. Obtaining feedback from students ​and ensuring that the advice of Student Parliament reaches the Student Representative Council.



The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the SRC and is responsible for ensuring that the financial resources of SRC are used in a transparent and responsible manner. He/she has to ensure that every SRC member compiles a budget for their respective portfolios and that the SRC budget is made public to all the students.



The Transformation portfolio of the SRC is primarily responsible to see to it that the university achieves its Vision 2013.

This portfolio entails creating a link between higher management and students with regards to the implementation of new policies that affect each and every student's life. The portfolio looks to incorporate new ways of creating a student environment and emphasises critical thinking about the challenges faced at the university and in the country as a whole. The transformation portfolio can also make use of task teams in order to assess certain elements within the institution. These findings can then be presented and implemented by Management.

Maties ID

This portfolio aims to create, in association with Matie Life, a unique Maties identity in which students from diverse backgrounds  can be included as part of the Maties family. Celebrating diversity throughout the university is one of the main goals of the portfolio. It also aims to incorporate international students within the student community.



The Secretary is responsible for maintaining internal communication within the SRC, managing knowledge and institutional memory within the SRC, ensuring that SRC meetings, and any other consultations where the SRC desires record keeping, are properly recorded and updated.



The SRC member responsible for sport's role is to ensure that student athletes are fairly and professionally represented on all levels of their respective sporting codes; to be the available link between SU club athletes and top management. In this capacity, to listen to and also address the challenges encountered by our athletes.