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Student ​Parliament         


Student Parliament | Iphalamente Yabafundi | Studenteparlement 

Speaker’s Address 

Speaker’s Address Student Parliament has the mandate of Accountability, Transparency, and Consultative Governance. They aren’t just the words we slap on our signatures, but are the pillars to which we have formulated our Mission Statement, which reads: 

• Strengthen our capabilities to efficiently fulfil our mandate 

• Fortify participatory governance 

• Be receptive to the needs of the students 

• Reinforce capability 

• Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of parliamentary functions and systems 

• Support constitutional democracy 

• Promote financial oversight and transparency 

• Advocate for consultative governance. 

Our Vision reads: 

"​We aim to be coherent in our execution of our mandate, to be pre-emptive and receptive to the needs of our students whilst being conscious of the diverse environment we find ourselves in.”

With this Mission and Vision, Student Parliament and all its organs aim to ensure its relevance and functioning is upheld and that the greater student body feels represented by the structures they fall under. Additionally, we aim to ensure that there is always confidence in Student Parliament by the student body, and for them to freely approach Parliament to have us facilitate the debates that need to be had, and thereby assisting us in fulfilling our mandate. 

​​Student Parliament has a great role to play in ensuring that all students feel free and represented, and that the Maties community feels that the Rights elaborated in Chapter 2 of the Student Constitution are upheld. 

We hope to have an active and robust Parliament in 2022 with success in ensuring that Student Leaders are held accountable and transparency and consultative governance are observed. As Speaker, I am here to ensure that all that is said above comes to fruition, and will work hard, with the assistance of the organs of this Parliament, to do just that. 

Before I end this address, there is one takeaway: this Parliament is by the students, for the students, and as such, I implore every student to use it, I implore every student to scrutinize it, and I implore every student to educate themselves on the Chapter 2 Bill of Rights to equip yourselves in what Rights you are afforded and the avenues, like Student Parliament, that you have to ensure that they are upheld. ​

Speaker Petersen​ ​