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Student ​Parliament        

Speaker's address

In 1994 our nation was reborn and in 1996 the Supreme Constitution of South Africa came into effect. This Constitution demands that everyone's rights be heard in an open and democratic society. Whether it be through voting or engagement everyone became equal before the law. On paper our Constitution is a beautiful piece of artwork that evangelizes human rights, Constitutional supremacy, the rule of law and universal adult suffrage.

Student Parliament is an institution that aims to ensure that the needs of students in our 'matie' community are met by ensuring that accountability and transparency are of paramount importance. This is done by ensuring that it provides a platform where students can engage with issues, they are facing without fear nor prejudice. This body is established in terms of Chapter 4 of the Student Constitution. Student Parliament is there to ensure that the values of our Constitution are upheld, to give students an opportunity to engage constructively with leadership and, I as Speaker am there to adjudicate these engagements impartially and objectively.

This institution strives to create an open and democratic society in our community that recognizes the injustices of the past and the legacies of these injustices.

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