Student Parliament
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Who is Student Parliament?


Student ​Parliament

Accountability, Transparency and Consultative Governance


Student Parliament is comprised of all persons who are currently registered students of Stellenbosch University. Every person is welcome to attend Student Parliament C8ommittee meetings, sittings and events. All registered students also have voting rights and may participate​ freely within the confines of the Student Parliament Constitution and the Student Constitution. 


Some of Parliament's most important functions include: 

  1. To act in the best interest of students and to actively promote students‟ rights under chapter 2 of the Student Constitution;
  2. To hold the Student Representative Council accountable and transparent; 
  3. To formulate and maintain policy in order to promote an institutional sensitivity to foster accountability and transparency within student leadership structures  ​

We encourage all Maties to have their say on campus issues, we encourage robust dialogue and we strive to develop a culture of Transparency and Accountability, not just on campus, but in the hearts and minds of our future leaders.

​​​​The Student Parliament Committee: 

Section 5. The Student Parliament Committee
Due to the composition of Student Parliament, especially taking its fluidity of attendees into account and the inclusive nature of its definition, its effectiveness and functionality is safeguarded by a number of persons who will be referred to as the Student Parliament Committee.​12.png

The Speaker of Parliament: 

​​​Lukhanyo Ngamlana

BA (Law) F


​​Tygerberg Speaker of Parliament:

​​​Andre Pillay


​​​​Email: ​​​

​​​The Deputy Speaker External (Secretary General):

​​Corlia Kritzinger

LLB I (2 YR)(PG)


​The Deputy Speaker Internal (Accountability Chair): 

​​Grace Mngadi



The Executive Treasurer:

Max van der Bergh

PGDip (Accounting)


​The Deputy Accountability Chair:

Thamera Naicker

LLB I (2 YR)(PG)


Communications Officer:
Tumaini Chikoti

BA (Hons) History


The Student Parliament Executive Committee​​​:

The Student Parliament Executive Committee organises sittings and other events that open a platform for any and all Maties to raise their concerns. This space is to ensure that all students have access to information concerning student governance. We serve as a link between students and governing bodies.

Student Parliament has no part in governing any aspect of campus, we do, however, serve as a check and balance on governing bodies such as the Student Representative Council (SRC), Prim Committee (PK), Senior Prim Committee and the Academic Affairs Council. Therefore, we claim that we are Consultative Governance.​20190807_191236.jpg

The Student Parliament Steering Committee:​​​​

Addendum J2:​