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Formal Reports

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Student Parliament

​Accountability, Transparency and Consultative Governance


Accountability Committee 2022

AC Committee findings.pdf

Budget 2022​

Student Parliament Budget 2021-2022


Quarterly Reports  2022

Term 2 

Accountability Committee Deputy Chairperson Term 2 Report.pdf

Campus Engagement Chairperson (Ex-Officio) Term 2 Report.pdf

Communications Officer Term 2 Report.pdf

​​Deputy Speaker - Secretary General Term 2 Report.pdf

Executive Treasurer Term 2 Report.pdf

Speaker Term 2 Report.pdf

Tygerberg Speaker Term 2 Report.pdf


Term 1

​​​Accountability Committee Deputy Chair Term 1 Report.pdf 

Communications Officer Term 1 Report.pdf

Deputy Speaker & Accountability Committee Chairperson Term Report 1.pdf

Deputy Speaker & Secretary General Term 1 Report.pdf

Executive Treasurer Term 1 Report.pdf

Ex-Officio & Campus Engagement Task Team Chair Term Report 1.pdf

​​​Speaker & Chairperson Term 1 Report.pdf

Tygerberg Speaker & Chairperson Term Report 1.pdf

​Budget 2021

Student Parliament Budget 2021.pdf

Policy Report​​ 2021

​​​The Accountability Committee​​​

​The Register All Policy ​

​​Docum​ent can be found under the archive page​

The Disciplinary Committee

​​Disciplinary action against the Speaker ​​​

​​Document can be found under the archive page

Quarterly Reports

​Stellenbosch Campus

The Speaker​ of Student Parliament
​​​​First Term Report Speaker.docx

Second Term Report Speaker.docx

Third Term Repor Speaker.docx

The Deputy Speaker Internal (Accountability Chair)
​​​First Term Report AC Chair & Deputy Internal.docx

Second Term Report AC Chair & Deputy Speaker Internal.docx

 Third Term Report Accountability Chair.docx

The Deputy Speaker External (Secretary General)

​​First Term Report Deputy Speaker External .docx.pdf

Second Term Report Deputy Speaker External.docx

Third Term Report Deputy Speaker External.docx

The Executive Tre​a​surer 

First Term Report Executive Treasurer.docx

Second Term Report Executive Treasurer.docx

Third Term Report Executive Treasurer.docx

The Deputy Accountability Chair 
​​First Term Report AC Deputy.docx

Second Term Report AC Deputy.docx

Third Term Report AC Deputy.docx

The Communications ​Officer ​2021
First Term Report Communications Officer.docx​

Second Term Report Communications Officer.docx

Third Term Report Communications Officer.docx

Tygerberg Campus​

​The Speaker​ ​2021

​​First Term Report TSP Speaker.pdf