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Legal and OHS compliance Office


The Legal and OHS Compliance Office provides two very important roles to the faculty, namely, the drafting and vetting of commercial contracts and coordination of occupational health and safety activities.

Commercial Contracts

The Legal and OHS Compliance Office assist environments with the vetting and drafting of commercial contracts to which Stellenbosch University is party, as well as the drafting of legal documentation. Support is also provided in the management of legal risk, in particular legal documentation risk.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Legal and OHS Compliance Office facilitates health, safety and environmental issues and assist the faculty in the following ways:

  • Implementation and maintenance of a legally compliant H&S Management system,
  • Conducting of health risk assessments, incident investigations, audits & inspections,
  • Providing of information, instruction, training, and supervision,
  • Waste management.

Vusi April​​​

Manager Commercial Contracts and Occupational Health and Safety

Vusi April

+27 21 938 9971

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Neilen Maikoo​​​

Health and Safety Coordinator

Neilen Maikoo​

+27 21 938 9752

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